November 20th 2014 | London

About the event

With an ever-increasing volume of passengers and goods entering and leaving the United Kingdom, the barriers to maintaining effective and efficient control of the border with accurate measurements, has never been more important. Taking place only five months before the Border Systems Programme (BSP) delivery deadline, the Border Control Summit will provide an opportunity to engage with policymakers and experts at the heart of border control decision-making.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Tony Smith, former Director General, UK Border Force and Managing Director, Fortinus Ltd 
  • Rt Hon David Hanson MP, Shadow Minister, Home Affairs
  • Dr Hugo Brady, Associate Analyst, European Union Institute for Security Studies 
  • Tom Dowdall, Deputy Director Operations, Border Policing Command, National Crime Agency
  • Ricardo Baretzky, President of ECIPS (European Centre for Information Policy and Security)​ & Co-Directorate of CYBERPOL
  • Chris Woodroofe, Head of Security & Business Continuity, Gatwick Airport Ltd

Key issues

  • Securing the UK borders: establishing a cohesive, integrated and efficient border control system
  • Border Systems Programme: addressing how it will be implemented successfully
  • Cyber and border: how vulnerable is our border security to a cyber-attack?
  • Data: increasing the reliability, quality and practicality of data
  • Productive partnerships: recognising and developing private, domestic and international collaboration
  • Smart borders and smart technologies: ensuring an intellectual and effective management of traveller flow on the EU's external borders
  • The future of border control: harnessing new and ever-changing methods and technology to securing the borders

Who will attend?

  • Border force officials
  • Custom officers
  • Immigration officers
  • Counter-terrorism officers
  • National Crime Agency officers
  • Senior investigating officers
  • Information governance and assurance officers
  • Risk advisors
  • Aviation security teams
  • Relevant central government teams

Early Bird Discount

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"With the UK general election fast approaching, border control is coming under increasing scrutiny. How secure is the border and how will we cope with increased volumes of international traffic in future without compromising our security? The Border Control Summit provides a timely opportunity to engage with key experts and policymakers".

Tony Smith, former Director General, UK Border Force and Managing Director, Fortinus